31 Days of Amazing.

It never fails that every morning I have an email update from Jeff Goins’ blog. Yesterday, there was a guest post from a man named Adam Jeske, a regular columnist for Relevant magazine and seeker of ordinary adventures. He and his wife, Christine, recently returned from a several year sojourn around the globe. They spent their days eating weird foods, taking the crazy local transportations and trying to be Jesus to the people they met.  And then they came back to good old Wisconsin, back home.

Which seems to be around when the trouble started.

As a way to combat the sudden onslaught of “ohcrapisthismyreallifereally?”, the pair decided to challenge themselves to make October amazing. More importantly, they decided to invite the entire internet community to do the same. Their challenge is to find the simple, ordinary adventures in the everyday, anything from conversations with Grandma about ancestry to making apple pie with their kids.

The whole feeling like life is suddenly, somehow, un-amazing after a year spent abroad makes total sense to me. So I’m taking the challenge. Some of the things I’m wanting to do are:

-Have a date with Jesus on top of a mountain

-Take myself to a new coffee shop and spend an hour writing then…

-Show my Dad my coffee place and treat him (He’s the best, and I don’t tell him that enough.)

-Really savor sleeping in.

-Buy a new journal.

-Do 25 things even more wonderful and random than this. This is where it’s good that Jesus is a God who can out-imagine even the most creative types.


Anyway, get excited. If the past few days are any indicator, this blog is about to BLOW UP.


tick. tick. tick.


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