Southern Side


So here I am, back at the beginning. I’m working a training camp for future World Racers. More specifically, I’m helping to run the kitchen, prepping and cooking for upwards of 400 people per meal. It doesn’t stress me out, honestly, maybe because I know my place. I know who I report to and who will report to me. I know how much we have in the pantry and how much more we need. I have a cup of coffee in one hand and a pack of ice on the other because I burned it to blisters on the bottom of a hot pot. And we prayed over it and it’s healing well.

The rest of my time has been spent like this:

I’m hanging out in a lot of hammock-y chairs when I have the chance to sit. I share handfuls of really terrible jelly beans with my co-chefs and laugh like crazy over the new Instgram hash tag that’s being well overused: #aimcouplewatch.

I am over caffeinated, overstimulated, and overflowing with the presence of the LORD at this camp. It’s something crazy beautiful.

The LORD is easing my weary heart with new friends and the excitement of my new team at Adventures in Missions. As if life could get any more wonderful, I’m working as the Storyteller for the Kingdom Dreams department alongside some men and women that I already admire so much.

I am full to the brim and overflowing with His love. He is romancing me with golden leaves and quiet moments of the six am morning. With hammocks gently moving and the unbridled excitement of so many new Racers.

It is good to know my place.

And for now, my place is here.



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