On Roots, Wings and Other Common Things.

Let’s be real: A bathrobe is a pretty great thing. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and modesty with just a sash of sass. Mine’s black, like too many things I own, and hits above the knees. I got it a few days ago and have gotten into the habit since then of slipping it on as soon as I get back to the house. It doesn’t matter if my jeans are still on. If my bathrobe’s on, I’m comfortable. (That happened today, P.S.)  I’m ready to cook something, watch an episode of the Mentalist and make a cup of tea.  I’m ready for a bath, a book and bedtime soon after.

It’s things like this that ground me, I think, in an ever topsy-turvy world. Things like having a simple routine and simple comforts. Mornings are for hot beverages and scrambled eggs and my Bible.  Afternoons are for Starbucks runs where I sit and brainstorm for my new job.

I start in a week. On Saturday, I’ll pack my little blue Subaru up with everything necessary to live in Gainesville and move myself the hour plus away. It feels really far, which is silly, because it’s the first time in six years (except one) where I’ll be even on the same continent as the rest of my family. Yeah, my life’s been a little different from most people’s, I know.

Thriving in this move is-I think-going to be easy. It’s a fresh start. A second chance. A time to rename myself, in a way, from BROKEN, to BELOVED. I thought I’d done that before, on the Race, but I think it was just a start.

So here’s to second chances. Here’s to new routines that include early morning workouts and eating my leafy greens. Here’s to investing in the common dream and all things breathtaking.  Here’s to many conversations and interactions that are healthy, healing and don’t let me (or anyone) hide. Here’s to not copping out of the good fight.  Here’s to having wings and roots. Here’s to working in a place that worships Jesus and does the Wobble and drinks too much coffee and just enough red wine. Here’s to this one wild and precious life.

And here’s to writing blogs in my bathrobe and jeans.  Here’s to that, for sure.


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