Choose This Day.


I woke up this morning and, despite fierce emotional opposition, decided today would be glorious.

Not good.


Honestly, everything in me resisted. Everything in me said, “No. Go back to bed. You’re tired. Your legs still hurt from yesterday’s workout. You need coffee.”

It wasn’t that all those things weren’t true.

It’s that ultimately, they didn’t matter.

Ultimately, I decided, as I sleepily scrubbed at my teeth, this day was not going to be about me.

It was going to be about extra cups of coffee and reading Anne Lamott.

And it would be about back-to-back meetings full of strategy and preparation and details.

It would be about him calling in the middle of the day just to tell me he loves me (and man, does he). 

And about sharing my mango–and stories–with a friend.

Most of all, it would be about KINGDOM, something we talk about a lot in my organization and fight to choose daily.

It would be about asking to see the GLORY of God manifested in class conversations.

And it would be about CONSECRATION, and about LOOKING UP, and about CHOOSING to have a day focused on Jesus instead of myself.

Guess what?

It absolutely was.

Sometimes, I think we get so focused on “the process” that we forget we have the power to make decisions. Things as simple as getting out of bed in the morning become drastic fights to see who has supremacy in our thoughts, in our actions, in our hearts.

And honestly, sometimes I think we just have to make a decision that for today, for this moment, some things are just true.

God is good all the time (and all the time, He is good).

I am loved.

Life is precious.

And today will be glorious.


6 thoughts on “Choose This Day.

  1. I went to bed last night, with the word Kingdom rattling in my brain. I kept thinking about how my life has become this crazy beautiful process of absorbing, learning, growing, pushing through the chaos and being blissfully happy through the process. But as wonderful as that may seem, how was I choosing to bring kingdom, or worse, had I forgotten about kingdom all together? Thanks for reminding me this morning and now that it’s up to us and our choice to know and bring kingdom. You’re great. LYLAS.

    • Emily you have such great insight! Kingdom is brought in the process–Jesus, after all, told His disciples to “make disciples as you go.” The process is life, and kingdom happens along the way.

    • Jenny, you’re in my prayers today–that you’d have an abundance of joy and peace in a difficult time. Love you.

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