Announcing With Love, H


Dear friends,

You’ve probably noticed that this blog is pretty stagnant.  Apologies, but don’t let it fool you: I haven’t been idle.

For the last few months, I’ve been spending lots of time working on a new blog. It’s called With Love, H and I’d love for you to join me there.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about With Love, H.

About it’s purpose and what’s different about it from Things to Come. About why I stopped blogging last May and what in the blue heaven possessed me to take it up again.There are some very simple answers to these questions, but I haven’t (until tonight) found the words.

Because that’s kind of the trouble– until recently, I lost my words.

Oh they were hanging out there somewhere, probably between my left and right ventricle, since that’s where their sustenance comes from. But for the life of me, I couldn’t get to them. I couldn’t access that particular corner of my heart where they stood, not hiding, but stubbornly holding a grudge. They’d spent a long time waiting for me to come back.

But let’s be real, if you went to your door and the person there conveniently hadn’t remembered to come home to you for six months, would you be real inclined to let her through the door?

Yeah, me neither.

The truth of it though is that I’m still in a place where I don’t know what to tell you about the last six or seven months of my life except that they have been–by turns–magical and surprising and broken and lovely. And I have been more overwhelmed by grace and goodness than I’ve ever been. And I’ve experienced things–like wholeness and being loved wholly–that take time to understand, let alone explain.

But I suppose that’s the purpose for starting a new place–to explain it and in doing so, to understand it better myself. To make myself–who is such a poor visionary and often forgetful–keep track of the surprising joy this life is so apt to bring.

And in so doing, to recognize the God who gives good gifts and full life to the ones who come asking to see.

On With Love, H, you can expect the honest thoughts, heart, and challenges of a woman rescued by grace.

It’s a safe place, a selah place,  a place to work out things like faith, identity, and truth. It’s a place where the rescued become rescuers. It’s a kitchen table and a confidante with a mug of coffee.

And it’s for you.

Let’s share the journey together.

With love,



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